The TEPOFOL company is one of the largest Russian developers and manufacturers of polyethylene foam (PEF).
Having started our activity in 2004, we have become rightfully the leader in the development of unique energy-saving
technologies and materials. Safety, efficiency, quality, individual design in the complex allow us to meet the highest
requirements of our customers. The goal of TEPOFOL is to benefit people with innovative products and technologies,
providing comfort and high quality of life.


Packaging and protection. Applications — production of fragile goods, glass industry, household appliances and
electronics, medical equipment and goods, personal protective equipment, transport, production of windows and
components, maritime industry, transportation and storage, agriculture, construction.
Furniture manufacture. Applications: fillers, packaging, production of molded products, frameless furniture,
mattresses, interior designs and forms.
Technical insulation. Applications: heating and power networks, pumping equipment, ventilation, cooling systems,
industrial and residential construction, low-rise construction, OEM, pipelines, renewable energy, agriculture,
agricultural sector
Construction and repair. Scopes of application: installation of floors and foundations, conservation of massifs,
thermal insulation, noise insulation, vibration isolation, waterproofing, easily erected buildings and structures, signal
and enclosing forms, road construction
Sport, leisure, recreation. Applications: sporting goods and equipment, goods for the fitness industry, aquasport,
rehabilitation, gardening, landscaping, goods for car enthusiasts and safety.


  • Locking connection that allows the creation of seamless sealed insulation carpets and complex shapes
  • Maximum insulating and protective performance
  • Absolute hydrophobicity and buoyancy
  • Ecological cleanliness and safety for humans and the environment
  • Lightness, elasticity, flexibility
  • Resistance to aggressive influences, inertness in chemical active media
  • Temperature resistance -60C … + 100C
  • Durability
  • Decorativeness


We offer to wholesale supply TEPOFOL materials of serial production and production of individual orders. TEPOFOL
insulating materials are delivered in rolls or mats with a width of 1.05 m, 1.2 m, 2.1 m, the length of the roll is limited by
the client’s requirements. The volume of supplies depends on the type of product.


We provide a constant warehouse stock in our own warehouse, and also help to form warehouse programs for our
clients. The production time is 1−3 days. Shipments are made from a warehouse in the Moscow region on terms of
self-pickup or with targeted delivery to the buyer.


All products are certified in accordance with applicable European and Russian standards.


We are ready to provide samples of finished TEPOFOL products or develop a joint design for your products. We are
happy to provide technical and marketing support for any of our clients.


We offer you to contact our information resources and our specialists.
We are ready to be your partner!